It took a while for Matt to go down from that tease his daughter gave him on the way to work. He had to focus. Work has been frustrating lately. The amount of people that have been causing issues on their computers since the FreeUse department was introduced into work has been keeping him busy. He figured that regular sex would have caused them to focus a bit better, but nope. And lets not forget the amount of broken hardware. People need to remember that their computers are not bolted to their desks when they are having sex on them. 

He really needed to push that proposal through to limit FreeUse to a specific time and location in the building. He knew that other companies were pushing more of their people to home based jobs now so that they could avoid the issue altogether. People can have sex in their own homes with whomever they want without fear.

Matt really wasn’t interested in that, he had moved to a very conservative neighborhood before the breakthrough and after the breakthrough it remained conservative. Granted there were some really cute neighbors, a lot of them didn’t partake in pleasures of the flesh.

Now when Rebecca had some of her more free spirited friends over it was usually a fun night. 

Wow, Rebecca… that makes him thing back to when all of this first started a few years ago…..
Rebecca was 14 at the time and wanted a new bathing suit. They had just gotten a pool and she wanted to spend all summer hanging out by it with her friends. She had been asking Matt and Melissa for a two piece for a few weeks. Melissa just didn’t have time to take her working both jobs and Matt didn’t trust himself really. 

Deep down Matt was a nudist, he felt confined wearing clothes, but he also had a attraction to Rebecca for a while. Melissa knew about it and would occasionally pretend she was Rebecca in bed for him to help get that out of his system. They kept it separate by having Melissa use the name Becky instead. Matt’s cock didn’t notice when he was slamming into her ass and she was moaning “Oh god Daddy…. Make me your slut.”

She would even “borrow” some of Rebecca clothes if she wanted to give Matt a special treat.
Then Pfizer had that break through. No one really expected it from them. Then again, no one expected the blue pill from them either. But, in order to boost sales of the blue pill they had to take the stigma out of sex. All of a sudden everyone was having a lot more sex in a lot of areas and sexual perception had to change. Of course so did health habits. STD’s were no longer of concern, but heart attacks and injuries were still a very real possibility.

The world was still trying to adapt to the new order of things. FreeUse was still not in the workplace and everyone was still learning what was the new right and wrong. Divorces were happening left and right. New boundaries were being defined.

Melissa and Matt wasted no time in getting the whole family vaccinated. One of the unexpected side benefits? No more periods! Which meant no more migraines for Melissa and Rebecca. which meant more sex all around.
Then came the talk with Melissa. After a particular active session they were laying on the bed covered in sweat. The article of clothing not on the floor was a pair of Rebecca’s cotton panties. Of course they were covered in cum.

“So you know how we used to play around with others before we got married?” Melissa asked as she rested her head on Matt’s chest. Idly playing with his cock trying to bring it back to life.

“Yeah…” his left hand resting on her ass caressing it.

“I have been thinking, and I know this is out there… but Rebecca is becoming a woman….”

She could feel what he thought about this idea in his cock getting hard again.

“Well, I was thinking” she bobbed her head down and took his cock into her mouth and sucking on it a bit and coming back up “maybe we should be the ones to teach her things. Maybe Eric too. what do you think?”

“I think that if you keep getting me hard like that you can have whatever you want. Has she even talked to you about any of this or is this the cuckold in you coming out?”

“Possibly. It would be hot to see you two together. I have jilled myself thinking about it.”

That made him rock hard. “Seriously? And you are just now telling me this? Do you think she would be for it? I don’t want to take advantage of her.”

Sitting up and moving to straddle him. Pulling her panties to the side and lowering herself onto him. Her sweaty breasts in his face. “She was made from us. If she hasn’t thought about it I would be surprised. Ugh…. Besides Daddy, don’t you want to be in your little girl?” She had switched to her little girl voice. There was no stopping now.

“Fuck baby. Daddy is going to make you watch as he takes her.” He could feel her tighten at the thought.


The introduction

Matt woke up to the sound of his alarm going off. He rolled over and turned it off on his iPhone. He laid back and he could just hear the familiar sound of sex occurring somewhere in the house. He began to wonder who it was. Shrugging he got up to go get started on his day. He took his morning shower to wash the smell of sex off of him. Ever since Free Use passed and sex became more of a thing it seemed like it was the constant for him. Which he did not view as a bad thing. It was just different. He remembered a time when so much sex was considered a taboo. The fear of STD’s was something that kept people on a leash, and not in a sexual way.

When the genetic break through occurred it revolutionized the way everyone thought about sex. STD’s and unwanted pregnancies were a thing of the past. Now that those fears were gone prostitution was legalized in a way. It was rebranded Free Use.

There was still the religious that fought it, but Matt did not live in a area where that was a consideration. His employer even offered Free Use Agents to use for employees in stressful situations. His wife and daughter are both Free Use Agents. His son was still thinking about. Matt was a little jealous that it was even a option for his son. Oh how youth is wasted on the young.

Stepping out of the shower he could still hear sex happening in the house. Impressive stamina he thought.

He got dressed and made his way to the kitchen passing the kids rooms. Rebecca, his 15 year old daughter, wasn’t in her room he noticed as he walked by. Passing his 16 year old son’s room he found the source of the sex sounds. There was his wife Melissa taking her son doggy style. 

He walked in and he leaned in to kiss her. His son didn’t even slow down to make it easier on him to kiss her.

“Holy shit he has been ……. Ughhhh ……. Fucking me for 2 hours now. Have a good ……. Oh my god, I am cumming again……. Day at work honey”

“Go easy on her kiddo, I am sure someone is going to need her services at work as well” Matt said directing his attention to his son.

Panting his son started pounding her harder. “Have a good day dad!”

Shaking his head Matt left the room and made his way to the kitchen. It was there that he found his daughter in just a short tee shirt facing away from him, her tight little ass facing him.

Feeling his pants tighten he had to remind himself that he would have a opportunity at work to get his needs met and he needed to make sure at least one of the Pearson girls was able to perform today.

Walking up behind and grinding his hard cock against her he leaned in to kiss her neck. “Good morning baby. Excited for work today?”

She moaned a bit while grinding her ass back against him. “Daddy, I have been listening to them going at it for hours. I need you to take care of me.”

“Sweety, I can’t right now. I need to head into work. Maybe we can meet up at work and I can take care of you then. But, trust me, I want to be in you.”

Getting up on her tip toes, arching her back, and rubbing her very wet pussy against the his cock through his pants. “Are you sure I can’t convince you Daddy?”

Using every bit of will power he had he pulled away. “I will be thinking about that all day and if I don’t see you at work, trust me, I will be in you tonight.”

“But what if I am used so much I can’t tonight Daddy?” She said using her ‘I will get what I want voice’. She then turned around and he could see her hardened nipples testing the limits of that shirt.

“We will find a way.” He panted as he turned to go, knowing that if he leaned in for a kiss he would lose the struggle.
As soon as he was out the door Rebecca made her way to her brothers room. “Do you need a break mom? Daddy got me all riled up and I need someone to help me with this need.”

“Come over here and let Mommy help you with that baby. I am not ….. ugh….. giving up Eric’s cock just yet.” Melissa panted as Eric continued to rail into her.